Samsung s10e mit congstar Vertrag

I want to use a Congstar account for when I have friends and family in town from Canada. Therefore I don’t want to set it up with a recurring monthly charge. Hallo, wenn ich über Tarifoptionen das congstar-Angebot mit 10 GB LTE auswähle und dann ‚mehr erfahren‘ anklicke erscheint dort in einer Tabelle, dass die Geschwindigkeit ab Verbrauch von 3 GB Datenvolumen reduziert wird auf 32 kbit/s. Ist das korrekt? Galaxy S10e zur congstar Allnet-Flat via Verivox sehr günstig I need a Sim card which can be active and receive calls and SMS without any charges. I have three questions regarding this connection: 1) If I acquire this SIM and keep it active, do I still need a minimum recharge in a period of 15 months or can I keep using it without any balance and without making any outgoing calls/sms/internet INDEFINITELY? 2) In this active, but no-balance state, would this phone keep on receiving incoming calls/SMS in any other European Union country than Germany? 3) When I need, can I port this same number into a favorable postpaid/prepaid connection of any provider in Germany? Samsung Galaxy S10e zur congstar Allnet-Flat für 20 € im Monat For some people it might be a dealbreaker that the “Fair Flat” is postpaid, because they prefer prepaid phone plans. In that case, take a look at the Congstar “Wie ich will” (“How I want it”) plan: It is a prepaid plan that also uses the best German mobile network by Telekom and that lets you decide how much data, minutes, and text messages you need per month. However, you can only get a maximum data amount of 2GB per month with this plan. If you do not mind postpaid plans, or actually prefer them, because they automatically collect your monthly fee, check out the Congstar “Wie ich will” postpaid version, which is cheaper than the prepaid version. Congstar Highspeed Option (alias congstar LTE 50 Option) für 5 € / Monat buchen: bis zu 50 Mbit/s. – monatlich kündbar? I am a tourist in Germany.I bought a congstar ,but I don’t know how I can set the internet. I can’t undestand Germany. Hello Sean, Yes, you could set everything to zero and you will not be charged. However, your sim card will be deactivated and your credit will expire after 15 months without using it.

So you should buy credit at least every 15 months to keep it active. If e.g. I select 500 MB high-speed data and I reach these 500 MB within the end of the month will I have a slower GPRS speed or I will have to pay for the extra surfing? Is there a minimum monthly charge? E.g., can I buy just two euros of talk and two euros of text, with no data? Hi Katrien! Thank you for reaching out to us. Yes, the prepaid charge via your bank account does take a long time. But for congstar, you can also buy the credit in a supermarket, drug store, or gas station. Or you can also buy it online on and you will receive the credit within a few minutes. I hope this information was helpful! Best regards, Your MyGermanPhone Team It is a prepaid plan, but you need a German bank account for the initial order of the SIM card. If you don’t have a German bank account, order a free SIM card or check out this plan, which you can order with a credit card: Edeka Mobil (Vodafone network). Ja, das ist ein bisschen „tricky“. Wie oben beschrieben: „Beachtet bitte, dass die Bestellung über „Tarifoptionen“ erfolgen muss: Dort wählt ihr dann den beschriebenen Vertrag aus.“ Oder noch mal ausführlicher: Auf der verlinkten Seite muss man nach dem Kästchen „Tarifoptionen“ suchen und das dann anklicken. Dann muss man noch auf das congstar Logo klicken.