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Listen to music, get help with everyday tasks, automate your home and more. AppleCare for Enterprise starts with an AppleCare Account Manager – your personal link to AppleCare. Your AppleCare account manager helps you check your IT infrastructure, track issues, and host monthly audits of your business, including support calls and repairs. With the continued support of your AppleCare Account Manager, appleCare for Enterprise you and your team will get the most out of appleCare for Enterprise. Because Apple manufactures hardware, operating system and many applications for every Apple product, AppleCare for Enterprise provides built-in support and service that you can`t get anywhere else. You`ll receive IT services support over the phone or email for all Apple hardware and software. We provide support for complex deployment and integration scenarios, including MDM and Active Directory. Whether you`re providing the iPhone in your business or supporting Mac computers in your organization, AppleCare Help Desk support provides the backup know-how your employees need on the front line of technology. AppleCare OS support plans provide support for incidents at the enterprise level – defined as support for integration into heterogeneous environments; The components of the system Configuration and network management Professional software applications web applications and services; and technical issues that require the use of control line tools for the solution.1 AppleCare for Enterprise provides IT department support for six technical contacts you have designated. Support is available 24 hours a day with one-hour response times for priority issues, z.B in the event of a production service shutdown. You can also increase the number of technical contacts for a fee. Each AppleCare OS support plan includes support from AppleCare Help Desk, an annual technical support plan that covers an unlimited number of support incidents for installing, booting and using the software.

hardware and software diagnostics and troubleshooting; and isolation for Apple-based solutions. AppleCare Help Desk support covers one year of helpdesk support for an unlimited number of incidents. AppleCare Help Desk support covers an unlimited number of support incidents for hardware and software diagnostics and troubleshooting and problem isolation for Apple-based solutions, including graphical user interface support for macOS server network configuration and server management. You can even get help for Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager if you call. Additional Apple devices or Mac computers don`t increase the cost of your AppleCare Help Desk support contract to simplify budgeting. Covered products include: From 24/7 phone support to priority repairs on site, you get personalized support from experts who can keep your IT running smoothly. Covers up to 10 incidents at the company level and provides a four-hour response to high-priority issues (server failure), 12 hours a day, 7 days a week (12/7).3 Support for unused incidents expires after one year. This plan provides preferential access to Apple`s senior technical support staff by phone 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can manage resources more efficiently, improve response time and reduce the cost of training. The plan provides one-year coverage for two technical contacts designated by your organization. You can get on-site service coverage for two or three years from the date of your equipment purchase.