King`s College London Agreement

If you sign a fixed-term contract (usually 12 months), you agree to stay in the unit and pay the agreed rent for the duration of the contract. Ask for advice if you want to try to leave before the end of the contract. It is important to consider whether a break clause is in your best interest or not before your agreement. It may be helpful if you are not sure you want to stay a whole year in the accommodation, but it could be really uncomfortable if the owner decides to use the break clause during your exams! Note that if you have a common contract, the break clause would also terminate the entire rental contract of your roommates, so you should all agree that it would work. Landlords and tenants have certain legal rights and obligations, which must not be included in the tenancy agreement in order for them to exist. Your contract can give you and your landlord more than your legal rights, but no less than your legal rights. If there is a clause in your contract that grants you less than your legal rights, it is probably an abusive clause that cannot be applied. You should always read your lease carefully to ensure that you understand the terms of the contract and your rights and obligations as a tenant. Keep in mind that this is a legally binding document. Contracts do not have to be written to be legally binding.

But it`s a good idea to get a written agreement so that you have proof of what has been agreed. Unfortunately, we cannot offer room exchanges for these residences, since your contract is with another supplier. If you both live in a lobby with the same supplier, the local front desk staff can tell you if you can exchange and how. We also provide contractual support for non-financial agreements, such as team organization, confidentiality (non-disclosure) and hardware transfer agreements. This agreement contains the conditions under which personal data can be transmitted to support on-campus testing and traceability activities and to support those who isolate themselves in response to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). Students who wish to terminate their licensing agreement and move residences must find an alternative squat that has been approved by us (at our discretion) and is not already in one of King`s Residences to benefit from the rest of your license agreement. If we are able to respond to your request, a new hosting contract will be issued and you and your “swap partner” have 24 hours to accept it online. If one or both of you do not accept the new agreement on time, the swap process will not continue.

Keys and access cards can only be exchanged when both licensing agreements have been signed online by “swap partners.” Sometimes you may have a different type of lease than your contract says. It is the reality of the living situation that determines the type of rent you have. If you are not sure, you can use shelters the rental examiner. Providing staff and staff costs for your research proposal, approval of all funding… There are many ways for you to find students who want to exchange their rooms. Our Facebook Group residences are the easiest way to connect with other residents. Find a Flatmate Facebook Managed by Advice – Guidance Group welcomes King`s students in search of in-room contracts they want to take over. The student room also has a large group of KCL supporters.

No, free rooms are reserved for students who do not yet live in residences. Michael Bennett, Associate Director of Life Participation, is the main contact for applications related to the King`s College London Access and Participation Plan. Can I exchange my room with a student who is not currently living in residences? Our residences serve as a platform for students to live and learn through life experiences.