Mary Kay Agreement Form

In October 2014, I became IBC. I didn`t need that income. I joined because I owned a cattle farm with my husband and I wanted to have a social life outside of cows and other cattle. My IBC met me at home with the agreement. I am far from being a stupid person, but I have never met anyone in such a hurry in my life to get my signature and get out of my door. My IBC explained that she had to get the agreement from MK and when I inquired about when I was going to receive my signed copy, she explained in a few days and I finally bought the starter kit and product worth $1,800; The level of Sapphire. The next day, she calls me and wants me to participate in a training session in Napa, CA. On her way down, she kept insisting on the religious aspect. I just kicked him. When we parked at training, my IBC quickly said, “Karen, I had to use your password and go to your site to see what you did.” This statement caught me on my guard and we were in the room. I was horrified at training!!! It was like attending a Jim Jones recruitment event!!! The National`s has never said what it deserves every month. But they kept saying what their unit deserved, prices, free rides, etc. She also explained that she wanted her advisers to call her every day to tell her what they do with MK and who they have lined up.

She was also very tenacious as I immediately made phone calls to make the others at IBC. I was very upset with it, but I stood my ground. She also pushed me to set up my website. I was hoping I would wait for my business cards and other things before I started selling. I explained to him that to get a good professional deal, you should have lined up all your ducks. She wanted me to come to her house, which is 45 minutes from her for the next day. She wanted to sit down with me and watch me make calls to get people to sign up as IBC. I didn`t want to, but I did. I was ready to finish MK at the end of training in Napa County!!! The next day, I was so appalled by the way my IBC pushed my sister to become IBC.

My sister refused. But my IBC wanted me to saminate her at 3 o`clock so that she could become an IBC. The desperation of my IBC to become national sales manager was embarrassing. That night, I set up my website. I also decided that I would not register every day with my IBC. Well, my IBC was on the phone every day to find out why I hadn`t called her and signed someone else up? I then attended a weekly meeting in Fairfield, CA. I found out I had to pay $5 for the meeting. Before going to the meeting, my IBC had to do its shopping. While she was in the store, a young woman stopped her and asked if she knew where there was an object in the store.

Immediately, my IBC started trying to turn this young into an IBC. I was so embarrassed and horrified!! I walked in and pulled the girl out of the hook. We then attended the weekly meeting. My IBC had another lady to become an IBC. I was outraged when my IBC tried to convince this young woman to get a loan or borrow money from everyone she knows to buy more products at MK. I took that person aside and told him not to worry. If anyone really wants the product, they will wait for it to be sent by MK. She was worried that our IBC was harassing her over and over again to find the money, and she couldn`t. During the meeting, we and three other women were called to the front of the room and received a pink rose and a song was sung. Then they asked each of us why we became IBC. When it was my turn, my IBC gave some games about why I wanted to be an IBC.

After she finished, I said I didn`t want to become an IBC for money, because I didn`t need it, but to have a social life away from my cows.