Uktv Commissioning Agreement

It is this reputation that will protect UKTV`s commissioning ambitions as a result of changes in the company`s ownership, Watsham believes. We are a small department and we can be reached. Just send us an email or pick up the phone. Once the program is approved, please complete a registration form that will form the basis of the commissioning agreement, which will then be negotiated with a member of our legal and business affairs team. We will then give the green light to the program by e-mail. Do commissioning tricks because we believe flexibility and agility are key to advancing the most ambitious ideas. The channel has long been underestimated by audiences and programmers, Watsham says. But the success of the original commissioning changes this perception. You no longer receive proposals “with BBC Three and Dave writes in chalk,” he laughs. “The quality, breadth and innovation of what we do and the risk in some areas offer producers and talent a chance they may not have elsewhere.” We`ve tried to make your ideas as simple as possible. Just send us an email with the attached idea. If you are speaking directly to one of the Commission`s teams, please always copy to ensure that your proposal is recorded and followed.

Our goal is to confirm the receipt of your email within 2 days and comments within 2 weeks. After 4 weeks, we will let you know if we want to move forward or if it is not what we need. Please note that we do not accept any proposal unless we are linked or bound by an independent production company. In the PACT directory, you can search for production companies like you. Please also take a look at our channel letters, as we do not order them across the network. The multi-channel UKTV is increasing its game by ordering new dramas. Ed Gove is investigating. One might assume that the participation of a single organization undermines the chain`s ordering ambitions. But Richard Watsham doesn`t expect big changes: “If we continue to have chances for…

Talents of all kinds come to do their best work, and do a job they couldn`t do anywhere else, so we`ll be in the best position, no matter what. A Discovery spokesperson said: “We do not comment on personnel matters.