Bno Agreement

In his 2007 citizenship test, Lord Goldsmith acknowledged that the automatic granting of full British nationality to BN(O) was a violation of obligations between China and the United Kingdom in the 1984 Joint Declaration on the Future of Hong Kong and that it would not be possible to obtain a Chinese agreement to amend the terms of this treaty. BN (O) s can however be registered as a British citizen in certain circumstances: the agreement signed in 1984 should be valid until 2047. But the UK says the deal — known as the joint statement — is under threat because the territory passed a new law in June that gives China comprehensive new controls over the people of Hong Kong. With the help of a BNO, it is possible to combine the connection and energy activities in a single day. The BNO passport is essentially a travel document that does not imply any citizenship rights – although you are entitled to consular assistance outside of Hong Kong and China. There are no proposed amendments to the act in this regard. But people who are led by security legislation – young protesters against the continent, who have found themselves for months in violent clashes with police – are also unlikely to be eligible for the BNO because of their age. .