Givlaari Value Based Agreement

The company worked with payers on a new and improved VBA framework, building on Alnylam`s patient access philosophy and Alnylam`s ongoing commitment to delivering fair value to payers and providers. Since OXLUMO is indicated for both pediatric and adult patients and is weight-based, costs may vary depending on each patient and its use over time. That`s why Alnylam has structured a new VBA component that specifically addresses the concerns of many payers about predictability and budget value, especially for ultra-rich therapies for rare diseases, administered in a wide range of ages, from infants to adults. According to a press release, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals announced a new and improved framework for value-based agreements to enable patients with acute hepatic porphyria to access the recently approved FDA-approved Givlaari. “Highmark is focused on our members` access to effective therapies, including increasingly available therapies for rare and extremely rare diseases, while reducing costs,” said Sean Quinn, PharmD., Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Relations Director at Highmark Inc. “We have become a leading provider of value-based agreements for therapies that have a number of chronic treatments, costly health conditions. BSVs can help accelerate access to new drugs by refocusing results on clinical trial results, but sponsors are looking for other barometers to predict need, which can be complex for age-indexed therapies. Area near Alnylam. “Our new component for adapting patient needs was born from the direct feedback of our cost partners and the experience of our first two approved therapies. We have listened to the needs of the paying agencies that cover PH1 patients and have responded with what we consider to be an attractive solution. .

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