Homestead Rental Agreement

We start by getting to know you and your needs, so we can better represent you in all aspects of the transaction, from marketing to negotiations to lease agreements. 4. A positive identity card and a verifiable social security number are required. If you do not have a Social Security number and cannot present a verifiable rental history, an additional deposit of $2,500.00 usd will be charged. Upon written request, the Owner will announce the existence, use and disclosure of personal data and give you access to your data. Written questions should be addressed to the branches or to the Data Protection Officer at the address at the end of this Directive. The forms for requesting personal data and data protection claims are available in the owner`s branches and online at the If you need assistance in responding to the request, please contact the Data Protection Officer. On our own initiative, we may disclose the information to an investigative authority or government institution if we have reasonable grounds to believe that the information relates to a breach of an agreement or a violation of the laws of a jurisdiction that has been, has been or will be committed, or if we suspect that the information relates to national security. the defence of Canada or the management of international affairs.

-Advice on modifications that make your rental property more attractive to potential tenants. Navigating the rental market and the laws surrounding it can be overwhelming. From marketing your property and buying rents to finding the perfect tenants and browsing safely by Oregon Landlord Tenant Laws, our team will ease the hassle of the process. If you engage Homestead Property Management LLC, we will make your property our priority. We will also keep you informed about the real estate market and the factors that may affect your investment. We understand that your investment property is more than just looking for a tenant. We use marketing strategies and our industry links to generate interest in your rental property and attract qualified candidates: the owner`s policies and practices regarding the management of personal data are included in this Policy. The Directive, as well as additional information and documents, are available on request or online under from the Data Protection Officer. Video devices can be installed and operated in the common areas of the complex where your rental unit is located.

The video equipment can work at any time. Monitoring of video recordings can take place at any time. Póngase en contacto con nosotros primero para ver si esta propiedad admite mascotas. If the property accepts pets, you must send and send your own pet request in in addition to your rental request and pay. is an independent department for the investigation of third-party animals. This is a mandatory application process for anyone with a pet. These include dogs and cats and domestic animals that live in cages such as birds, hamsters, rabbits and snakes. The fee per pet is $20 for the first pet and $15 for each additional pet. Visit the website for more details.

We will keep you informed of the rental and real estate market and help you make informed decisions in order to keep your property competitive while complementing your investment. -A thorough check of your rental property after each occupation and periodically during occupancy. Maintain inspection reports and photos acquired during inspections. In addition to your rental application, you must file a separate assistant application with This is a necessary verification process for all people who have a non-obvious disability and need an assistant due to disability….