Rental Agreement Umowa Najmu

Sopot, ul. Gene. Joseph Bema Apartment for rent for 3,300 PLN 45 m2 2 bedrooms Floor 1 of 3 73.33 PLN/m2 Description of the property: Modern apartment ideally located near the sea! The rental price included 5 2. Description of the equipment. 2. The prices for: Details Price Closet Wardrobe Office Office Bed 900zł Bed 900zł Chairs Chair kitchen 2.000zł shower cabin 1.000zzł Refrigerator 1.500zł WC 800 z Cooking 1.000zł Sink 350zł Shower cabin 1.000zł Mirror in toilet WC Kitchen 2000zł Washbasin 350zł Fridge € Spiegel Kocher Nr. 5 6 4. Other results (media and keys) 4. Other: ( keys) Detailed description Status on the day of handover of premises Tenant Stan on the day of return of premises to owner Complete number of keys when LANDLORD start renting the flat: Complete number of keys when OCCUPIER fin renting the flat: Status of current meter Keys sets 1 State of the meter PC Heating State of the water meter Electricity Number of key phrases 1 cold/hot water This protocol is written in duplicate sound; one for each camp. The landlord handed over the living quarters to the tenant.

This report has been prepared in four identical copies (one for the owner and the other for each resident). The owner thus provides the living rooms to the user. Wynajmujący Najemca LANDLORD OCCUPIER Wypełnić w dniu zwrotu lokalu Wynajmującemu. Strony po dokonanej lustracji lokalu mieszkalnego dokonują zwrotu lokalu mieszkalnego Wynajmującemu. Ewentualne ustalenia dotyczące rozliczeń finansowych lub związanych z pozostawieniem lokalu w stanie pogorszonym, wskazane w punkcie 1, 2 i 3 protokołu, zoąstan załatwione polubownie. To be filled in on holiday day The day. after visiting the accommodations, the user hands over the premises to the owner. Any claims for compensation related to the destruction of housing, as indicated in the 1, 2 and 3 points of the report, are to be settled extrajudicially.

Wynajmujący Najemca LANDLORD OCCUPIER 6 Sopot, ul. Gene. Józefa Bema Mieszkanie na wynajem za 3 999 PLN pow. 55 m2 2 rooms Floor 0 of 3 72.71 PLN/m2 Description of the property: APARTMENT FOR RENT FOR 3-4 PEOPLE! Rental fee for a person of series 1 LEASING CONTRACT on the day of the year in Poznan between: Sofa Administration Sp. z o.o. having its registered office in ul. Siemiradzkiego 12/1B Poznań RENTAL AGREEMENT Made on the. in Poznan between: Sofa Administration LLC located in 12/1b Siemiradzkiego Street, poznan hereinafter referred to as “owner”, and gender: Check-in-Address: Country: Date of birth: identity card/passport: telephone number: address/suite Tenant 1st. . . .