Sample Commercial Cleaning Agreement

If the customer and the cleaner have concluded an oral agreement, a written contract must be signed. It is recommended for a large number of reasons, the most important of which is to ensure that the cleaner is recognized as an independent contractor and not as an employee. In addition, details about payment and responsibilities of the cleaner should be included. This cleaning contract is concluded on [agreement. CreatedDate] between [Sender.Company] (provider) and [Client.Company] (client) (client), collectively referred to as “parties”. All legal possibilities related to this cleaning contract are subject to the jurisdiction of the State [customer. State]. No modification, modification, addition or extension of this cleaning contract shall be deemed mandatory unless carried out in the prescribed manner. All changes to this cleaning agreement must be submitted in writing and signed by both parties. If you are asking for information about potential candidates for cleaning, it is important to request a cleaning service proposal. This describes the specific items provided by the cleaner, such as laundry duties, bathroom cleaning, kitchen work, and other services provided. When checking potential candidates, it is best to compare cleaning service proposals to see which cleaning agents offer the most services at the lowest price.

It is also important to check the evaluation or evaluations, as this should play an important role in any decision. This Cleaning Agreement constitutes the entire Agreement and supersedes all written or oral agreements prior to this Agreement. The customer endeavors to use cleaning services from the service provider and an agreement establishes the rules of the cleaning agreement between the customer and the service provider. It also sets the standard for how you work with customers. This article of the cleaning contract does not limit the ability of the service provider to recruit and retain its own staff to perform the listed services. After replacement or termination of any provision of this Agreement, all other terms shall remain in full jurisdiction. The Service Provider agrees that it is not an employee of the Customer and that it acts as an independent contractor for the duration of this cleaning contract. PandaTip: The attribution section of this proposal serves as protection for both parties. The service provider may not assign the listed services to subcontractors without the customer`s permission and the customer must consent to the contract remaining intact when the goods to be used are sold. If you are a small contractor, you can use a concierge contract to employ one or more janitors who will visit your workplace after normal business hours and perform cleaning tasks such as garbage collection and disinfection and cleaning of the laundry room. For example, they may only need to empty their furniture every two weeks if they live alone.

But if they own a dog or cat, they might like you to suck their furniture at least twice a week. Some furniture may require certain cleaning methods or materials. Upon conclusion of this cleaning contract, either by termination by one of the parties or by the conclusion of the agreed duration of the contract, all goods transferred by the customer to the service provider are returned in the state in which they were given. This agreement is based on a fixed period and conditions and is maintained as such….