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Brigadier General Timothy J. Daugherty, UNITED STATES-A, makes opening remarks on the launch of the CLC The results of this conference and the partnerships and new relationships enhance NATO`s collective defence. An estimated 15,000 members will attend short-term training sessions at the conference. In the coming years, the CLC will continue to shape training and exercises between NATO countries and is a demonstration of the commitment of the United States and NATO to regional security. By Major Holloway Deputy Director of Academic Operations Colonel Mark Nelson, USAREUR G3 Training Readiness Exercise Division Chief, USA – A, said: “I saw how this conference evolved from the beginning, when USAREUR was still in Heidelberg. With the transition to a week where the NATO School Oberammergau exclusively welcomes us and expands the number of participants, this iteration has been by far the most successful to date. This conference brings together multinational military planners to coordinate exercises through 2021, including TRIDENT JUNCTURE, SABER GUARDIAN, DYNAMIC FRONT and SABER STRIKE. These exercises enhance the training and training element of the preparedness action plan agreed at both the Wales Summit and the Warsaw Summit. The CLC strives to continuously improve the quality and effectiveness of combined training, while maintaining relations and interoperability between NATO allies and partners through past and current operations. On 11 December 17, European and North Atlantic military leaders met again at the NATO School in Oberammergau to participate in the Combined Training Conference (CTC) which takes place every two years. NATO`s Army Europe Conference (USAREUR) and Allied Land Command (LANDCOM) brought together more than 36 nations to coordinate upcoming training opportunities. .

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